Looking for new nominations

We are always looking out for new charities and welfare organisations that our ToFeed.org community project can help.

When a charity or welfare organisation has 100,000 or more nominations, they will be officially included in our list of supported charities and welfare organisations.

If you have special charity or welfare organisation that you personally support, and you would like them to benefit from our project, you can nominate them.


How do I nominate a charity or welfare organisation?

This is how you can nominate the charity or welfare organisation of your choice.

Step 1:
Email the following to [email protected]

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact number
  3. The name of the charity / welfare organisation you are nominating
  4. The website link of the charity / welfare organisation

Step 2 :
Help them get 100,000 nominations.
Get as many of your friends, relatives and colleagues email in and nominate as well.

So, if you know of a worthy charity that you would like us to consider including in our list, nominate them now!




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